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About Clinica Medical Group

We care for your health

Established in 2013, Clinica Medical Group consists of a chain of Polyclinics, Pharmacies and Laboratories. With a long experience, we always care about the health of our people, by providing them high quality services.

Branch of ESB Group

"Minimizing the World for Your Health"

ESB Group was established 2009 where the beginning of creating this group was to take care of pharmaceutical business, so that it becomes a major key for importing and marketing medicine from all around the world to Iraq. The start of the group was achieved by the head office in Erbil and as the business developed offices needed to be open in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, and in nasiriyah. We are a Pharmaceutical Company aiming in improving health sector in the region by serving through different branches with the priority of quality, our aim is Minimizing the world for your health. We are one of the fast growing companies in the region, leading the market through a high quality network.

Clinica Cosmetics

Your Beauty Is Our Mission

Established in 2013, Clinica Cosmetics provides unique skin care products in a high quality that meets the global standards, in order to have a shinier and brighter skin. We care about a good and healthy skin, that’s why we are bringing products of famous international brands to the region for the purpose of a great care to the skin.

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